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Kristi Marié

Kristi Marié was born and raised in Port Elizabeth. She had moved to Cape Town to study and work as a Graphic Designer & Art Director before pursing her career as a full-time artist.

Kristi’s art career was initially focused on selling detailed watercolour paintings of South African wildlife to the tourism industry. However, since 2019, a shift in her personal circumstances has dictated a move away from creating mainstream, popular art to using her work as a space to collect and express her emotions.

The theme and use of colour has proved a vital means of .
working through difficult emotions. Kristi uses different mediums to navigate her feelings; watercolour was one early method of experimentation. She later turned to acrylic to portray the sensation of being underwater and in her oil artworks, Kristi takes a different perspective; playing with texture to demonstrate her progression not only as an artist but also her growth as a person.

Textures and inventive use of brushwork and a palette knife are now evident in her work, usually portraying high-rise rock formations or mountains.



Talented artist making a painting on a canvas

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Talented female artist making a painting on a canvas in her art studio. Skilful young painter squatting on the floor while working on a new artwork for her creative project.